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GistMe Communication takes the ordinary text your comments on TV/Radio programs to a new level. Next time you are listening to radio and here the popular phrase "Powered by GistMe," rest assured that it is authentic.

GistMe goes beyond text in your vote/comment to offering you as the audience a more pleasant and interactive TEXT/SMS/MMS functionality to encourage you to be a participant in the program you watches. Our animated graphic concepts presents information and instructions in a format designed to encourage viewer's participation.

Powered By GistMe Reward

All our text-in programs qualify for the Powered by GistMe Reward. Every month, we give away thousands of Naira to unsuspecting participants who participated in many of our partners programs.Some of our partners/clients include

TV partners/clients

Radio partners/clients


Choice FM
Metro FM

Mobile Payment

Paying with your phone is easier and more secure. The same way you buy stuff online or offline with cash, credit card, or cash cards is almost the same way you will use our Mobile Money system. You can buy stuff, buy prepaid airtime or prepaid electricity, recharge your NTA-Star TV decoder, pay membership or subscription fees, and donate money to charities from your phone. No more carrying cash or running out of credit at night. Do it from your phone anywhere, anytime, on any network.

Works with GistMe Universal Scratch Cards.

Pick up GistMe Universal Scratch Cards from any authorized dealer. Scratch off the PIN, text CREDIT, leave a space, PIN to 30020 to load the credit on your phone.

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