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Our Focus

To provide technologies and services that will enable individuals and companies to be able to access data and the Internet anywhere, anytime from any type of phone, without the use of computers.


GistMe communications was founded in 2003; focusing in the area of data and voice convergence; with a primary goal to bring together the power of voice and data.

GistMe brings a value proposition to the table that is unmatched. We are an international company with North America headquarters in Los Angeles, California, and Africa headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria. We have presence in Ghana and India.Our management is comprised of individuals that understand how to deploy and run technology companies.

Our company is a fast growing media company focused on use of mobile handsets in providing services in the area of information access, mobile payment, messaging platform, entertainment, and business software applications. GistMe is leading innovations in the growing market for mobile payment, caller tunes, SMS, MMS, mobile streaming, IPTV, and voice-enabled mobile applications.

We address the complexities of building and managing sophisticated Multi-Cast Application Network (MAN) and Voice Application Network (VAN) without the costs or risks associated with building from scratch. By providing enterprise clients and end-user a platform to rapidly multi-cast-enabled contents and brings a value proposition to the table that is unmatched.

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