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Stay Connected

Stay Connected

Life is about family and friends. You keep the good ones. You stay connected to them. The bad ones you try to avoid. Then again, life is too short to sit in traffic just to buy something as simple as prepaid airtime or electricity. It is true the world is getting smaller. Technology is making it easier to stay in touch as well as be more productive –that is where GistMe can help. GistMe provides you with the power to stay connected and the tools to be productive. Here are few examples of how we can help:

Email and SMS

Email and SMS

Send, receive, and read emails from any telephone handset. SMS enabled email from GistMe means that you can now check and read your emails from anywhere you are. GistMe Mylist concept allows you to group your friends and family into memorable names so you can send SMS to the entire group with one message. Each SMS is N3 only compared to N15 per number. For example, create a group called ClassMates with your phone and send one (1) SMS to 30020 to have everyone on that list receive a copy of the text.

GistMe Universal Scratch Cards (Mobile Money)

Mobile Money

It is that one solution for middle of the night when you ran out of prepaid electricity or when you needed to call a friend but don't have prepaid airtime. GistMe Universal Scratch Card is one card meant for everything money can buy. From purchasing prepaid services such as airtime and electricity to renewing your Star TV subscription, and buying travel tickets. Gone are those days you must get their before they close. Once you purchase and load GistMe Universal Scratch Card on your phone, you have Mobil Money to spend anytime anywhere. GistMe Universal Scratch Cards and ePINs are available at Zenith Bank and other distributors.

Caller Tunes:

Caller Tunes

Rather than the old and boring ring-ring on your phone, replace it with something inspirational that will inspire your callers to greatness or with something thrilling that will make them see that you can be hip and cool as well. From Martin Luther King's "I HAVE A DREAM," to Faze's new dance hall beat "Originality." GistMe delivers the latest caller tunes.

Short Codes

Short Codes

GistMe provides both leasing of short codes and design of application for the short code. We are interconnected with all the major operators in Nigeria for delivering and receiving of SMS through premium rated short codes. Our short codes price to consumer is ranging from N10/SMS to N200/SMS. Short codes are leased on monthly basis. There are no long term commitments or specific duration you must maintain the short code.

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